A great 'urban meditation' app which uses a colourful version of the Buddhist prayer wheel to draw the user into mindfulness. Choose a 5-minute session to fit into a work break, or while eating or if you're feeling ill. There's also a check-in…
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4K UHD - Palm Tree Beach & Relaxing Music

Fixed video shot for 1 hour in 4K. Beautiful Palm Tree Beach with Relaxing Spa Music. Perfect for looping to relax, meditate, sleep, yoga, pilates, live wallpaper, dinner parties or just reading a book with as a nice window to look out of…
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The Epic Self!

The Epic Self offers cutting edge mindfulness and meditation practices that you can listen to whenever you want.Created by modern-mindfulness experts Dexter and Alessandrina Dorer, each practice is designed to achieve a specific goal with excellent,…

Meditation made simple: Learn Meditation the easy way

Meditation doesn't have to be a chore that you dread, or a power struggle between yourself and your own mind. It can be fun, relaxing, opening, and bring you to a state of deep inner peace, joy, acceptance of self and others, deep fulfillment,…
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Expressing Gratitude Guided Meditation

Expressing Gratitude Guided Meditation - Attract Everything You Want Using The Power of Gratitude Download Now: http://delilahhelton.com/Gratitude ►—————————————————— ABOUT THIS SESSION Expressing…